With my involvement with multi-national companies to local start-ups, I have gained years of experience on numerous photographic collaborations that range from urban lifestyle and fashion to product and high-end commercial allowing me to meet specific needs on any project. I excel in story telling and social influence content creation. 


The evolution of video has drastically changed the marketing industry and ignited a new form of product imagery. My goal is to produce short video excerpts that depict a creative story for the brand and captivates viewers’ attention.   


Specializing in native advertising, the majority of my ad work has been produced for the use on the Instagram platform for both posts on my personal account and that of the client. With a social media outreach of 200 - 250K across all platforms, my work consistently caters to and reaches a very large niche audience both local and globally. 


Photos are more than content, they are context -- from the people I meet to the locations I end up, it’s all about the journey. Identifying and capturing the unique characters and lifestyles of the brands I work with. It is my belief that an audience is much more likely to engage and respond to a given product when there is an element of creative storytelling to back it up. 


Through my involvement with countless ad campaigns, it became very natural for me to begin strategizing how to expand existing proposals and conceive fresh concepts that I personally feel have a high rate of engagement potential. Partner brands such as Nike, Car2Go, Michael Kors, Dom Perignon, and many more have requested I enhance their approach through my creative process and artistic direction. 


As a social media consultant, I have experience not only predicting but also producing trends. Extensive research goes into understanding what is most effective in the digital marketing industry as well as how to increase reach and cater to an audience. I can provide branding advice as well as current content review.